The Best Lawyers Focus On Brain Wellbeing

Best lawyers use their brains smartly. With this keynote speech and workshop you learn how to improve your brain wellbeing in order to achieve better results at work by using better your brain skills.

Lawyers are very proud of their intelligence and about their ability to train their brains to work hard. This was a necessity in order to succeed at university and to pass the bar exam. What is more, during their career they prove themselves right and show in their law firms and companies, what it means to work hard. However, all that is gold does not glitter: which are the mental health costs in the name of the billable hours? Which are their regrets in their private lives?

Handling The Pressure

Deadlines, difficult clients and internal competition might be from begin on, or later on, after years of law practice, difficult to handle. When fear of failing becomes anxiety, the brain start working in the fighter modality. Therefore, working with chronic fear in the absence of any immediate threat, causes stress with feelings of anxiety, such as fear and worry. These lead to stress reactions such as rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, nausea, shortness of breath and sleep disturbances. What is more, in the worst cases stress leads to burn-out and troubles in private and professional relationships.

The best lawyers work intuitively!

The aim of this keynote speech is to teach lawyers and attorneys how to achieve better results by using their brains in a smarter way. In addition to avoiding stress and anxiety with awareness exercises, you will open up new doors to your brain, which can work more effectively for billable hours. Learn to save time and forget stress: Happiness at work will be the ultimate stage!

the best lawyers
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Lawyers and attorneys who would like to improve their performance with mindfulness and awareness teachings.


The keynote speech takes 60 Minutes.

This keynote speech includes a presentation and awareness exercises, which can be performed in sitting or standing, depending on the location and group.

If you wish more awareness and mindful exercises, the duration and periodicity of this type of workshop can vary from half day, one day or longer.


I work live and remotely.

The following technical support is for the live speech required: projector, sound or film recordings are available in the presentation

Operating system: apple

The following equipment is required: Flipchart and Presentation case


On demand.


Please call me 00 41 78 876 82 43 or mail to

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