Keynote Speech & Workshop: The Successful Team Is The Happiest One

In this keynote I speak about building a successful team by raising happiness among members. Awareness and mindfulness about each others are the key for achieving sustainable happiness. The successful team knows how to sail the waves of change.

As a result of the tremendous changes the world has been facing since the pandemic, the priorities for a happy and meaningful life have increased. The question why a team is underperforming can be tackled by becoming mindful about the mental health awareness of every single members and their attitude towards each other.

Since working can be a necessity, a pleasure or an addiction, be mindful at work, helps to:

  • prevent burn-outs,
  • say no to narcissistic behavior
  • increase personal wellbeing
  • include diversity equity.

The Successful Team Aims At Happiness for Increasing The Performance

The aim is to raise awareness about hidden problems and opening minds to different approaches.

The successful team
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If team members are not aware of spending time and consuming their energies in an appropriate way, the whole team will loose energy and power.

The first step is to become aware of problems such as:

The second step is to learn how to solve them, which will increase happiness and the team’s performance.

Here some hints.


The successful team speech addresses companies and their:

  • team leaders
  • team members
  • executive managers
  • project managers
  • lawyers and attorneys


The keynote speech takes about 60 Minutes.

This keynote speech includes a presentation and awareness exercises, which can be performed in sitting or standing, depending on the location and group.

If you wish more awareness and mindful exercises, the duration as a workshop can vary from half day up to one day.


The following technical support is required: projector, sound or film recordings are available in the presentation

Operating system: apple

The following equipment is required: Flipchart and Presentation case


On demand.


Please call me 00 41 78 876 82 43 or mail to

Teambuilding on a sailing boat

A team building activity on a sailing boat in Switzerland or in Malta can be discussed after a meeting with the team.

Build a successful team on a sailing boat
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If you are a team leader you might be interested on a private sailing turn with me:ò-labbruzzo/

Excellence Speaker Agency

I am also listed as keynote speaker here:

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