Hiring A Holistic Lawyer improves Your Life Quality Remarkably

Why does hiring a holistic lawyer improve your life quality remarkably? The reason is that you choose consciously to hire a professional with multidisciplinary experiences and education, which allow the holistic lawyer to offer psychological support for major life chances, such as termination of long relationships, careers changes and dead of loved ones. In opposite to that, a classical lawyer, who has just a profound experience in legal matters, might do not offer this service, or he does it implicitly, but without a coaching education, when he solves your cases.

What is holistic law?

Holistic law sets the client’s wellbeing as a priority, since legal matters can be quite challenging from a mental health point of view. The pain and the hurt are often expressed with the sentence “It is not about money, it is about justice”. Lawyers are used to this sentence and they are trained to explain and to show their clients, that there is a discrepancy between being right and becoming justice. How? By showing the difference between material and procedural law, by raising awareness about the evidence such as burden of proof, reversed onus of proof and, and finally, what it takes to win a trial: a good portion of luck! Nevertheless, there is more behind that: a good lawyer understands the client from a psychological point of view. This has been an unspoken component of a mandate or, better said, an implicit benefit of hiring a lawyer.

Good lawyers read the unspoken signs in a conversation, they are the best negotiators, they can be very eloquent and able to think about the best argumentation for their cases. This is the reason why, since the job as a lawyer has existed, lawyers follow their instinct and, certainly, their unconscious call to help people with their all their abilities.

Now, by hiring a holistic lawyer, there is a substantial difference: the advantage of mandating a holistic lawyer is that you have a qualified professional lawyer in addition to an educated life and career counselor who is a mindful to holistic healing and mental health. The holistic lawyer cares about your overall wellbeing by looking at your case and your persona from different perspectives.

Why hiring a holistic lawyer improves your life quality remarkably?

Hiring a holistic lawyer

A genuine holistic lawyer declares that she offers psychological support besides the legal counseling.

The difference between a classical lawyer and a holistic lawyer is that the holistic lawyer has deepened the knowledge of herself by discovering her true-self, thanks to introspection and self-development. A holistic lawyer must at least have a psychological education as career coach and life counselor, to which she must have added other education, not only on the cognitive level (mind), but also on the body and spirit level. Indeed, holistic working means a wholistic understanding of human nature, which requires at least a decade of intensive self-development and learning.

The benefits are:

  • comprehensive counseling
  • save costs and time by hiring just one professional
  • discover a new happiness level
  • learn how to improve your life wellbeing thanks to your crisis and legal problems.

Classical lawyers: lack of declaration or implied declaration of intent about the legal service with hidden psychological support?

In order to answer this question, you should be aware of the intention to enter legal relations as a doctrine used in contract law. I am not going to explain all the doctrine here. However, I would like to raise your awareness on how contracts begin: whenever you would like to start a contract, you say something like “I would like to buy this cup for CHF 5”, which legally means a declaration of intent for a purchase contract. Well, this objective intent is fulfilled, when the declaration is explicitly made in written or verbal form or if this is implied. This means that a person’s implied behavior can serve as an explanation for a person’s intent (Declaration of Intent: What is behind?). This is what has been happening between lawyers and clients about the psychological support, which is not declared. It takes place with implied behavior.

Lack of honesty about the service provided?

So far, we have seen that lawyers have been working for centuries without speaking openly about the psychological support they offered their clients. I do not reckon this behavior can be valued as a lack of honesty by the classical lawyers, since the clients often might require the lawyers to solve the legal cases no matter what. This is why, the client is implicitly open to legal counseling, psychological support and friendship with his lawyer. As a result of that, the psychological support the lawyer has given is an implied action and intent as including part of the contract of mandate.

Hiring a holistic lawyer
Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Be aware of pseudo holistic lawyers

Since the word holistic is very trendy, many lawyers use the word for marketing reasons in order to attract new clients. If you look at their profiles though, you see that they do not have any mindful approach to legal cases, not to mention the lack of multidisciplinary experiences, and psychological educations.

Therefore, be careful by hiring a holistic lawyer!

So far as I know, I am the only genuine holistic lawyer in Switzerland and Europe. Read here more about me.

If you would like to contact me for a holistic law approach to your case, keynote speeches on holistic law, you are welcome to call me 00 41 78 876 82 43 or fill the form below. I am also to open to teaching at universities or in barrister programs about holistic law, in order to modernize the legal branch to the requirement of the market.

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