A purposeful life path by Blog Guest J. L. Romanillos

Life can be a bittersweet symphony and you will see the purpose of your experiences and career changes years later. Remember: every life has a purposeful path!

Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo met Mr. Romanillos in London many years ago. He helped her to publicize her conference on art law in Guernsey. He opened several contacts to her on the island. She is glad that he shares his story here. Get inspired!

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“Looking back on my life to date, analyzing all those seemingly disparate and unconnected dots that formed my working ‘career’ path, I see at first glance a series of roles and jobs that were not on the surface coherent. Not purposeful and not considered. A newspaper delivery boy and waiter (during my student days), a schoolmaster, an estate agent, a professional trustee, a wealth manager and an image rights agent. A plethora of jobs, and quite a few within the finance industry. However, all those ‘Steve Jobs’ jobs led me to where I am today.

Cognitive Scientist, Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University USA and world expert on human happiness, has spoken at length on the subject of a meaningful and purposeful job. Having a sense of meaning and purpose really matters for our general well-being, he claims, and if one’s values and character strengths are used in the work that we do, then work becomes not just a job, but it can become more of a calling.

In this next piece in my series of “Notes from The Road”, I look at the importance of getting it right in the workplace; understanding why I enjoyed so much my “golden teaching days”; seeing what can be done in the workplace to make work more meaningful; realizing why I kept looking and searching, and believing why it is so important to find the right people to help and advise you along the purposeful path of life…

Oscar Wilde: “Indeed, I have always been of the opinion that hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing to do.””

This article will be published as part of the forthcoming collection of JLR Notes, entitled:

‘Notes from Abroad, Home & The Road’, due to be published in May 2022

To reserve a signed and dedicated copy @ £9.95, contact: info@jlromanillos.com

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