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Suffering is a choice

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Do you sometimes wonder in which direction our society is going? In the official media you only perceive a certain kind of reality, which is not what you see and hear when talking to your friends and colleagues. Maybe you follow groups or channels that present and report to you a plausible explanation for the difficulties you encounter. The brain is thus appeased with answers that involve more questions. Some people notice the impact the digital world has on their mental health, while some others feed their anger, which then overflows, turning into crimes against their family and institutions and sometimes leading to the end of bodily life, freeing the soul from earthly hands.

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If you find yourself in such a situation or you know someone next to you who is suffering and does not know how to get out of it, here are some practical tips to start living happily despite the malaise caused by the pandemic and the current war between Ukraine and Russia. Try to put at least one of these tips into practice slowly:

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Living happily requires commitment. You can do it too!

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