Say Yes To Your Gipsy Soul: Love Versus Pain

You have a gypsy soul that always seek out something new and different. Learn how to say yes to your gypsy soul by choosing love instead of pain: You are meant to explore a world bigger than the one you currently know. Maybe you worry that you missed a chance, but you cannot miss your destiny.

Others, who struggle to accept themselves, may struggle to accept all of you. They may want you to behave in a certain way. They may feel embarrassed or afraid of what others may think, and so they try to censor you. Remember that they are not helping you, because they are not quite ready to be freely and truly themselves.

Be Grateful For The Painful Teachings

After your training, have you reached the pinnacle of your career or are you still on your way? As a result for your breakthrough, you have to sweat, cry and lose blood. On the way there are many painful decisions one has to make to protect oneself and one’s future.

What is more, in the end, we must say thank you to those who stood by us, those who believed in us and inspired us. However, a thought must also go to those who said that we would never make it, that we are crazy and that we are not normal, because they gave us the strength to fight and to prove otherwise. Be grateful for the teachings you received, because this is why you are at this stage of your life.

The world really needs people now who can follow their intuition, instinct and bring divine creativity into this world.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands this. So many are afraid that if they follow their instincts, their world might collapse. Therefore they prefer to make you feel that you are worthless: with words or with silence. It is up to you to decide whether you love yourself or them more!

Say Yes to your gypsy soul
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However, sometimes it is difficult to say goodbye to people you love. Loved ones who surround you, whether in your family circle, your circle of friends or your work life. I am an expert in clean cuts. Enduring grief and using it to bring light into myself, understanding how it got to that point, has enabled my personal growth. Grief is a feeling we try to avoid, yet life constantly confronts us with people and situations that sadden us.

The result of understanding the cycles of life makes acceptance of change easier to bear, as well as making each moment precious as it passes.

There is a time for grieving: to deny means prolonging it in many cases.

Therefore, being mindful about yourself, improves your mental health and brings clarity in your difficulties. It is tough to learn to answer to your gypsy soul.

These are my hints for learning to let go

Say Yes to Your Gypsy Soul
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  • Choose with whom you share yourself
  • Make sure that you are appreciated and loved for all of you
  • Repeat “I trust my soul, body and mind and I share myself with those that live and respect all of me”
  • There is no need to take on airs about your incredible talents! Be mindful of what you could achieve by focusing to move mountains.
  • Stop doubting, worrying, or making excuses: own who you are!
  • Find a safe time and space to mourn your losses
  • See the bigger picture!
  • Don’t take yourself or your situation too seriously.
  • Seek out reasons to laugh and smile
  • Ask yourself how sorrow served you

Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo

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