Holistic Business Succession: What is the best for your life change?

By choosing the best business succession strategy, your should consider your legal situation and life situation as well. Making the right choice about the type of counseling, will bring you more life joy. Why?

With a lot of passion, sweat and sacrifice you have created a company and now the time has come, due to age, illness or a conscious decision, to hand over the helm of your little gem to a successor, who knows how to command the crew and conquer the future as you have done.

Are you ready to leave your company?

It may be a voice inside you, telling you that the time has come to organise the sale of your company. Perhaps, however, you are nagged by nightmares of what could go wrong, but also the uncertainties of facing a new life without the normality of a daily job. Perhaps you ask yourself these questions

  • what happens with employment contracts?
  • who will run the company?
  • what are the repercussions in terms of family and inheritance law?
  • what is advantageous from a fiscal point of view?
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Clarify your life situation first

The decision to start the business succession procedure has a legal, but also an emotional component.
First of all, it is necessary to bring clarity to the aspects of feelings towards family and business and the need to find a legal solution, which takes into account all economic, business and human aspects. This is a fundamental aspect, which leads to the success of the external sale or internal handover of the reins.
Consequently, it is advisable before deciding on the sale of the company to start coaching for the following two reasons:
The first is that if a person is aware of his own emotions and perception on a bodily level, and not only in his mind, he has greater confidence in what is good for him. It follows that he can consciously take for himself, as well as socially for the sake of his employees and his family.
Secondly, the seller has psychological support in dealing with difficult discussions, letting go of the past and preparing for a new future with life counselling.

Who to turn to for the succession procedure?

There are many firms, banks and law firms that offer advice and solutions for the succession of the company with different approaches. Usually, there are many experts being consulted, which generates an increase in costs. Depending on the size of the company, it makes sense to turn to large institutions and law firms.

If the firm is a small to medium-sized enterprise, it is advisable to consider services of firms that do not generate as many costs and offer an all-inclusive solution.

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Holistic business succession advice

As a holistic lawyer, I offer a unique service that encompasses these two aspects:

  • Legal counselling, thanks to my decades of experience in the fields of contract law, inheritance law, family law and economic law.
  • Holistic life counselling and coaching, for the client’s mental health and bodily well-being.

For tax aspects I cooperate with external experts.

Who is the best advisor?

It is important to choose a counsellor who understands the mindset and cultural aspects of the company and his or her family. So ask questions about your consultant’s life and cultural background.

My linguistic and national competence is manifold. My mother tongue is Italian and I also speak German and English. I am deeply familiar with the culture in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Malta.
About me I can tell you:

  • My parents immigrated from Sicily to Lugano, Ticino in the 1970s. I was born and raised in Lugano. I studied law in Berlin, Germany, and took the bar exam in Lugano. I have been working for decades in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, in Zurich, while also offering my services in Ticino, more specifically in Lugano, Bellinzona and Locarno.
  • My cases and related advice are related to these countries: Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Malta.
  • In Malta I specifically offer one-to-one personal development courses, including sailing, yoga, meditation and anything that supports the clients to grow and become the best version of themselves.

Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo

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