Become A Master Of Life, Master of Nothing!

Value your skills and become a master of life! Don’t let others upset you. You are not the master of nothing, you are a creative and free soul. You might have skills, that other do not have or you are not even aware of them, maybe are you afraid to be judged, if you show yourself to the world how you really are. Take the challenge, take the plunge and show to yourself that you can do better! Follow your soul.

You have many talents and do a thousand things and you are told by people who can barely do one or two that you are the master of nothing? Or would you like to experiment in your life, but you don’t know how, because you have connections with people and things, you lack the means and you have many dreams, but you don’t know how to put them into practice?

The Meaning of Number Zero

What is more, remember that you are the number 0, the number that holds the infinite possibilities of this world and is the number that helps to solve many problems. It is up to you to live your life accordingly to the gifts, which God gave to you.

Value your skills!
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A Master Of Life Values His Life

Even though it is not easy in a society where success and material wealth are more valuable than interior beauty, especially now that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, remember that the next generations need you because you know what it means how to live mindfully without smart working and living. This is your treasure. As a result of being aware of the value of the own life, you do not show off and you not suffer for lack of money. Therefore, you are aware that life is not a game that you can win or lose. You just have to play!

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If you feel lonely because you are so different, then know that in truth there are many of us and we can only unite and fight the supremacy of those who make people stupid and automatic. You are a beautiful soul and fight to live who you are. Thus, the world needs you and you can decide at any time to get rid of what does not make you happy because it is your right as the citizen of the world to claim your natural right back of living your soul purpose. So choose three things about your life that you do not like and start to change the easiest one first, because only small steps lead to meaningful changes.

My tips for becoming prod of yourself:

  • value what you can do
  • be aware about what you cannot do
  • drop what is hurting you after many failing attempts
  • change your strategy if there is something you really want to achieve, but you failed so far.

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Be happy!

Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo

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