Fight to be yourself: free your soul now!

We are stronger than we imagine and we let our minds take over and limit ourselves. Being aware of it, is the first step for changing! In order to fight to be yourself, you have to free your soul first from the boundaries of your mind.

Fight to be yourself!
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How You Learn to Know Your Soul

On Mother’s Day 2022, I found myself discussing with my mother about mothers who lead their children on a leash. I explained to her that every time I see one, I get angry and wonder how you can treat a child like a dog. I thought to myself that I would never let myself wear it, but I didn’t, because knowing my mum, I never thought that at 1-2 years old I would ever be able to win her over. Suddenly, to my great astonishment, I heard her say that she had bought it for me and that I had fought her not to let her restrict me with the leash. In the end she had to give in: our compromise was that I would stay close to her, without enjoying my freedom of movement. And it worked!
As a child you already show your energetic and spiritual potential.

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I liked freedom and fought for my rights, knowing how to compromise and stick to it. There was already the basis for the career that was to follow.
I have always been a strong and independent woman, which makes it difficult to live my true self in a society, where so many adapt to the main stream.

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Unhappiness is around us

And it hurts my heart to see how so many suffer in silence.
That very day I met two young women, 20 and 33 years old:

  • The first one was attracted by my vibrations and felt that she could be a guide. My mother, who observed the scene while I was at a healing stone stall, got goosebumps seeing how this suffering woman looked up to me.
  • I saw the second sad man at a coffee table and asked him if he was sick. Tears welled up in his eyes and he briefly told me his story. Finally, I gave him a hug and a smile appeared on his lips.
    It takes very little to bring happiness to people, especially young people, who are born into a society that is dying, while a new one is being formed.
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Free Yourself For A Better World

Some people do it by nature whereas some others wait for life to make suffering happen. In this way they must come out from they comfort zone. At the end of the day it is always only us who limit ourselves and if we fight against ourselves, we suffer even more.

Unfortunately these things are not taught at school. I had to roll up my sleeves, to understand myself, but above all how the system of our society works. And I don’t limit myself any more because leaving the world in a better state than I found it makes my soul happy, even if sometimes I suffer because so many don’t understand what I do. This is also part of the journey on this earth: my soul is enriched by the reflections of those who doubt and admire me, of those who tell me that I am courageous and of those who deny me.

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What are projections and shadows?

Each one of us is different, even if our mind admires actors, sportsmen and politicians, this phenomenon is called projection and it means that these people we admire have characteristics that we would like to integrate into our personality.
On the contrary, if we do not like a person or if he or she makes us angry, we speak of shadows, that is to say, those dark parts of ourselves that we do not know and that this person invites us to integrate, because until that moment we live in the polarisation of the opposite. As a result of this EGO problem people start suiting each others with legal proceedings.

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As a lawyer, I have seen countless cases, and over time I have realised that with my skills and experience I can offer wide-ranging advice, i.e. support them from a legal point of view and help them reflect on themselves from a psychological point of view.
I no longer limit myself to being just a lawyer and I invite you too to liberate yourself! Even though, you are suffering now, you will see the light. The new society needs you! Look into yourself and if you need, we can talk.

Fighting to be yourself and free your soul, requires introspection, so ask yourself following questions:

  • How deep do you know yourself?
  • Would you fight for yourself?
  • Do you know your soul purpose?
  • Would you be able to free your soul from the boundaries of your mind?

Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo

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